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Be Inspired and Never Give up on your Dreams


News Article; by ascendantmagazine: Be Inspired. Never give up, and follow your dreams

Natasha L Nelson, formerly known as Natasha Lumsden is one of the top-tier artists, movie writers, and movie producers whose blazing path in the Hollywood film Industry. she has inspires many upcoming youths in the film and music Industry.She was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States at an early age, where she grew up and shaped her career.


She’s an Artist, Singer, Actress, Film Producer,  Writer, and Book Author. 

In her new beginning, Natasha L Nelson ventured into the world of movie, filmography, cinematography and Music, where she could finally do what she loved the most: creating stories that people would enjoy in their entirety. And here, the world finally found a better place for her. In the entertainment niche, where she’s currently dominating, Natasha has kept pressing on with determination, focus, and hard-work, making her way on the movie cinema scenes. When it comes to the art of movie and cinema production, Natasha L Nelson writes and produces nothing short of creativity and comedy, making her art pieces very popular. Natasha is Married to her husband Jean M Nelson, The Iconic duo  work in Several projects  together, from Films, Movie and Musical Album.


On Nov 30, 2022 she's co-author a book called GIMBAL - THE SPIRITS OF GLACIERS with her long life partner Jean M Nelson. It's one of several series books to be released by  the author, says Natasha. The book is available in multiple formats,  Paperback copy and  Amazon Kindle Edition.


In 2020 to 2021, she work together with her husband Jean M Nelson. They Unleashed yet another world- storming short film of its kind called “The Wonders of The Witches,” directed by Jean M Nelson. Between June to October 2021 Jean M Nelson invited her to be a part of one of his musical Album called Unforgettable. She said, We work thought it while filming our second film the wonders of the witches. The album was complete and soon to be released on November 26th 2021. This album is featured 12 musical tracks.


The Wonders of The Witches is the first short film series ever produced by Media Vision Films Productions, it’s one of the many fiction series that the production company has yet to release.

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GIMBAL - THE SPIRITS OF GLACIERS” Available now on Amazon Kindle Edition, and Paperback copy.

Natasha L Nelson partnered with his long life partner Mr. Nelson to write this amazing book series. It's one of several books to be released by  the two authors that will be Available to the public. You can find their book edition to download on Amazon Kindle Edition, or purchase a Hard copy, Paperback copy on Amazon books store.